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About Us

Mark and Marie PupkeVersailles International Real Estate, headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida established since 2002 is a Leading Real Estate and Investment Firm offering a wide array of real estate services, investment opportunites and commercial mortgage lending - from real estate sales, listings, land development, mergers & acquisitions, joint-venture partnerships, performing and non-performing mortgage note purchasing, home speculation, pledged assets, commercial mortgages, and joint-venture equity financing . We have a proven record of success in developing and establishing relationships with real estate investors, builders and developers. We have seen the power of these relationships grow and flourish. The majority of our business is with real estate speculators, builders and developers. We understand your business needs and furthermore recognize how blending strengths, insights, perspectives and resources make for an unbeatable combination to build customer loyalty. It has been proven that there is tremendous strength in numbers, when partners are united in a common goal and vision. They have the opportunity to produce uncommon results. By sharing together, working together and succeeding together, the team develops a sense of pride and accomplishment that customers can feel and trust. We have an excellent track record of delivering outstanding service to our customers. Our President and CEO Mark John Pupke and COO Marie Molly Pupke have a combined 50 years of experience in retail residential, commercial mortgage lending, real estate development, sales and acquisitions. Our professional team of sales specialists are all full-time seasoned, experienced, successful and dedicated sales professionals with many years of extensive residential and commercial real estate sales and lending experience.

Mission Statement

GentlemanWe compete to remain the leading provider of real estate sales and funding source for demanding customers. We have one goal and that’s to remain a leader in our industry. In order to achieve that goal, we have established commitments to our customers, associates, and the communities in which we reside. We take great pride in knowing that our customers recognize and appreciate the value of the exceptional service we provide them; the most significant way they express their appreciation is by giving us more of their business and continuously referring their friends and families to our company. We want to satisfy all of our customers’ needs and help them succeed. We’re ready to help you. Please fill out the contact form and one of our dedicated sales professionals will contact you promptly.

Versailles International Real Estate uses the latest industry software technology systems available, co-branded open house, marketing and newsletters in order to ensure complete end to end sales production. Mark Pupke, our President and CEO, encourages high standards of professional ethics and integrity from all our employees and affiliates, and promotes these principles throughout his communities. We are dedicated to the preservation, progress and improvement of the real estate and mortgage lending industry. We are dedicated to always put customer satisfaction and the welfare of our associates before short-term profits.

Euro Policy

Wellsworth Financial Group, a division of Versailles, offers creative, quick and clear financing solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Whether you’re a first time investor, a spec builder in need of commercial financing or a partner on your first real estate transaction or a builder requiring financing for a commercial real estate development, we can help you. Wellsworth Financial Group has a joint-venture partnership program tailored specifically for builders and real estate investors/speculators. Wellsworth will entertain transactions requiring an investment of $250,000.00 ($250 thousand dollars) up to $10,000,000.00 ($10 million dollars). Wellsworth looks for these criteria in real estate projects - *Quality and profitability of the project *Solid Project planning *Competitive edge *Quality and experience level of the principals and management group *Realistic ROI Projections and Financials. Our commercial loans range from $5,000,000.00 ($5 million dollars) up to $250,000,000.00 ($250 million dollars). We are committed to helping our customers enjoy the personal and financial benefits of real estate investment. We’re ready to help you, please fill out the brief contact form and one of our dedicated sales professionals will contact you promptly.

Knowledge & Education

Versailles International Real Estate, along with each associate, is an affiliated member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), Palm Beach Board of Realtors (PBBR), Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches (RAPB). These affiliations represent our commitment to participating in industry continuing education courses in order to remain informed for the benefit of our customers. As members of the NAR, we are bound by their strict code of ethics and rules, which directly coincides with the highest ethical standards that Versailles International Real Estate sets for its associates.

Why Euro?

EuroWhat does Euro offer?

  • Achieving superior results through determined, disciplined application of best practices
  • Investing and lending in real estate projects nationwide
  • Offering Seller and Buyer Agent representation
  • Ability to fund transactions very quickly
  • Approval in less than a week
  • Closing in 30 days or less on most transactions
  • Efficiency, outstanding customer service, extensive back office support

what types of service does Versailles offer?

  • Real estate sales, development, investment and acquisition
  • Joint-venture partnership in real estate speculation and development(up to $10,000,000.00)
  • Commercial loans on all types of real estate projects ( $5,000,000.00 up to $250,000,000.00)
  • Entertaining real estate project nationwide
  • First-time builder, investor, speculator or developer fund available (Up to $10,000,000.00 per project)
  • Seller and Buyer Agent representation
  • Projects that are considered for partnership must demonstrate - **Quality and profitability of the project** - **Solid project planning** - **Competitive edge** - **Quality and experience level of the principals and management group** - **Realistic ROI projections and financials**. Investments (up to $10,000,000.00 ($10 Million Dollars))
  • Specializing in projects requiring an investment between $250,000.00 and $10,000,000.00
  • Commercial Loans (from $5 Million up to $250 Million)
  • Past credit discrepancies are not a concern
  • Joint-Venture Equity Financing (up to $10 Million)

Privacy Policy

LockKeeping Your Information Safe and Secure is our top priority.

  1. We do not sell customer information to third parties.
  2. We do not share customer information with outside parties who may wish to market their products to you.
  3. Within the Versailles Company, we safeguard your information carefully.
  4. We are committed to protecting your information in every transaction, at every level of our organization.
  5. We are committed to helping you protect your privacy.

The disclosure below describes how we use and protect information provided by individuals in connection with funding transactions. We believe that protecting your privacy is an integral part of the customer service we provide to you.

How We Protect And Use Customer Information

  1. We are committed to protecting the security and integrity of customer information through procedures and technology designed for this purpose. We limit employee access to customer information to those who have a business reason to know this information. Employees are required to honor our code of conduct, which includes standards to protect customer confidentiality. We maintain policies and procedures covering the proper physical security of workplaces and records.
  2. Versailles International Real Estate uses cookies throughout our site to keep track of the pages you visited while on our site. We use cookies to help us make your experience better. These cookies will not allow a website to learn any personal information other than the information you submit, and will not track any web activity other than activity within our site.
  3. Our physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards meet or exceed federal standards regarding the protection of customer information. We require contractors and outside companies who work with us to adhere to strict privacy standards through their contracts with us.
  4. In the course of serving you, we collect information about you and your business from a variety of sources, such as: Information you provide to us on applications or forms, such as your income and accounts with others; Information we receive from an outside company, such as a business or consumer reporting agency, regarding your credit history or employment status.
  5. We do not share customer information with outside parties who may wish to market their products to you. We may disclose the information we collect, as described above, with nonaffiliated third parties that are acting on our behalf, or as permitted by law, including: Companies that perform support services for us, such as data processors and technical systems consultants and programmers. Companies that help us market Versailles products and services to you, conduct surveys or provide marketing research. Government entities, courts or other entities (in response to subpoenas and other legal processes), or those with whom you have requested us to share information.


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