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Joint Venture Equity Financing

Equity investors come in all shapes and sizes with different objectives and risk tolerances. They typically require a preferred return on their invested capital, and then participate at some negotiated level with the developer in additional project cash flows. There is no typical deal structure. Experience has shown that the most successful private equity partnerships are based on solid communication, philosophical similarity on the overall investment objective(s), an upfront understanding of the length of the asset holding period, and economic goal alignment. Euro Joint-Venture Equity Financing ranges from $250K up to $10 Million.

FUNDING / PURCHASING LEVELS - $250,000 to $10,000,000

  • A nominal application fee is charged to defray costs for the initial review and processing of application            
  • Applicant sends complete package to Euro International Mortgage
  • Euro International Mortgage reviews and prepares package for Investor submission within 3 to 7 days
  • Euro International Mortgage presents project to Investor
  • Investor reviews package within  7 to 15 days
  • If interested, Investor issues a letter of interest with funding conditions and terms
  • Upon Applicant’s acceptance of terms, Applicant signs letter and returns to Euro
  • Euro then collects requested documents from Applicant and submits all docs to Investor
  • Investor’s underwriting committee issues a formal commitment or a denial letter to Applicant within 7 to 30 days (based on funding requirements).
  • On acceptance of firm commitment and at Investor’s discretion the Applicant may be asked to pay the attorney’s fees to prepare all the contracts and documents needed for closing.  Also, Investor will fully disclose the specific terms as applicable to your specific project.
  • A Broker (Euro) Fee of 1 to 5 points may be charged to Applicant and are payable at closing
  • Package is processed until finished for closing
  • Approximately 15 to 60 days to close
  • Quality and profitability of the project
  • Solid Project planning
  • Competitive Edge
  • Quality and experience level of the principals and management group
  • Realistic ROI Projections and Financial

Be sure to have all of the following documents on hand and ready before soliciting for funding.  You will be judged by your preparedness and knowledge of the project.

  • A Three Page Executive Summary which outlines:
    • Presentation of Project Owner/Applicant and Company           
    • Project description and CMA
    • Equity/Guarantor/Author
    • Breakdown of main project cost components and finance           
  • Collateral offered
  • Last three years and Year to date Personal and Business Financial Statement on all applicants
  • Last three years Personal and Corporate Tax Returns on all applicants

Please contact our office by completing the Joint Venture Equity Financing Contact Form on line and one of our commercial loan specialists will contact you promptly.

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