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President's welcome letter

Mark Pupke

Versailles International Real Estate brand is clear:  We are here to perform - in business and beyond.  We do this with a unique mix of passion and precision. This measured approach gives us the confidence to enable agile minds to look beyond the obvious, gaining advantage for everyone we work with.

Today everyone looks for personality in business, for the same reasons they look for it in people. It helps us decide who we trust, who we admire and who we’d like to work with.  Performance represents all that we do for our clients, not just bottom-line results.  Our business is real estate sales, acquisition, development and financing.  We are committed to excellence in all that we do and, with more than 50 years combined experience and a track record of strength and resilience including a proven ability to drive long term, sustainable success.

Our personality - We are passionate.  Our passion is the passion to perform. It is the way we do business. The trust people place in us is based on our passion as individuals and it is essential in our field.

We are confident - Our confidence is supported by our social tradition and culture. Our confidence makes us a reliable partner for individuals with ambitious goals – in business and beyond. 

We are precise - As a European global brand, a desire for accuracy, attentiveness and quality runs through our Establishment. We understand issues in depth. This is why we keep things simple and clear.  The unique mix of passion and precision is behind Versailles' stability and performance.

Our promise - What our clients can expect from us - excellence in execution, advice, service, understanding diverse client needs, adding value, building trust and commitments that endure responsibility.


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Our Commitment
  • In-House Direct Funding HUD Approved Lender with our own Warehouse Facility
  • Hassle-free one stop shopping with in-house processing, underwriting, closing and funding
  • 24-48 Hours Underwriting turnaround time
  • CLIENT Direct Online tracking Access of loan progress
  • 5-7 days closing once all conditions are met
  • Creative, reliable and quick closings
  • We lend in over 20 states
  • We do Residential and Commercial Mortgages
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